Do you want a new way to earn, shop & save?

Join our friendly Australia-wide community where you can offer your skills, talents, goods or services to buy the things you want - using points instead of cash! Free bonus points available to start shopping today

Like Barter But Better - The new way to earn, shop and save

   How it works

Share Shop is a money-free marketplace. Always growing, you can join over 500 members trading skills, products & services using points as payment instead of money!

  Who can join?

YOU! Everyone has something to offer. Use the skills you already have to get the things you want. You can save money, reach new clients, make friends or spoil yourself!

What can I buy?

Necessities and luxuries for your home, business or yourself! Spend your points on cleaners, hairdressers, massages, graphic design, IT, gifts, toys & more.

In a nutshell…

1. Register Become a bronze member for only $10 per year or choose to become a silver or gold member with extra benefits. You create your own profile page and manage all your own member communications and transactions. No other fees and no obligation!

2. Earn Points Share Shop is an alternate economy. Our currency is points – 1 point is equivalent to $1 in value. You value your own offering and earn points when another member buys your product/ service. Access to free bonus points lets you start shopping straight away.

3. Spend points On any of our member products / services available. Simply browse all members or search for something in particular, then contact that member to make arrangements. You can also find ready-to-buy items and specials on our Noticeboard and our shop.

Events / ConnectShare Shop is a real community of amazing people with options to connect with others via our markets, member meetings, blog, social media and our closed group Facebook pages. This is your community to enjoy and make the most of!

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"Amazing, innovative idea. A+ for bringing the old school system of trade onto a modern platform" Alfie - JOIN NOW!